Your well-being is our priority.

The proper use of face masks can help prevent the spread of COVID and its variants.

Proper precaution should be paid when putting on your face mask. 

Prior to handling or putting on a mask, wash hands or use hand sanitizer.​

Remove mask from packaging, grabbing from ear loops or side of mask.

Be sure not to touch inside of mask and ensure colored side is facing out.

Secure ear loops around ears.

Pinch nose bridge to create a seal and to help mask from sliding around. 

Stretch mask to cover chin and to help create a seal at the bottom.

Avoid touching mask while wearing. If you do, wash hands or use hand sanitizer before touching anything else.

Remove mask from face using both ear loops.

Please dispose mask in trash without touching outer layer.

Staying healthy starts here.
Masks can reduce the spread and save lives.